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Rags :cool:


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From the looks of it, this plant never receives full sunlight; there is significant tree cover in the area. From my estimate based on location, this plant would probably get a hint of sunlight for a couple hours during the late afternoon period....
Here are some pics of my Irene Kingsley (which is in 100% sunlight and soon to be be relocated to shade) :eek:


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And to make thing even more confusing here is another version of Irene Kingsley (this plant also spends 12 hours in direct sunlight, soon this will change) :confused:

By the way the leaves are huge on this one.....


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Wow, Tim, I thought mine was looking nice, but yours is the best I've ever seen!!! This plant seems to change so much with the seasons. Really looks best for me in winter and early spring I think. Must be hormones. Is it putting out flowers too? All my plants are so confused. They think it's spring. We've had incredible weather the last two or three weeks. Now that's going to change soon. I think 40's is forecasted for later in the week.:(
As a kid growing up in Hallandale back in the 60's, our dad "Pops" had a successful plant nursery going in the backyard of my grandmother's house(next door). One thing I remember was helping him get things ready to put air layers on. But I also remember some of the old variety names that he was growing. He probably only grew 10-15 different ones back then, which included, Irene Kingsley, General Paget and Stoplight that I remembered very well. This is also the house where the original Pop's Yard came out of.