I'm Done!


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Just finished putting on my last air layer for 2013. Beat my own deadline of Oct. 1st. I feel real good about it now - will be cussing myself Halloween 'til Thanksgiving having to pot up all those friggin plants. :p


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Pretty nice Ron, any idea on how many you did?

Not really sure how many. Made a list of things needed to get air layered. Then during the process, more got put on. I really hate to cut back crotons to just get tossed in the trash. This is done only if it will add appeal to the plants shape. I refuse to butcher my plants! Not having a misting system, the trimming is done via air layering. There will be alot of small single head plants that will get "pinched" as soon as their roots get cranking. They will be looking for a good home in the Spring.

Probably will do a count this morning. May have over extended myself. :p


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Overnight temperatures have dropped. October is the end of the rainy season. Drier air has moved in. Will these air layers take longer to get a mass of white roots? :confused:


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Just keep them damp. Overnight lows have got to get consistently below 70 to really slow growth on most tropicals.


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Keep them damp? I got no irrigation. Trying to keep the stuff in containers from drying out. And get others planted.

Speaking of air layers - when are you going to pick up this one you wanted? The orange colors are coming on very soon. Hope you ripped out enough philodondren to make room. :p

Its fed and the roots are cranking. Picked it up to move for its photos. Seemed a little light so its soaking in a tub of rainwater. Babysitting fees soon - you gotta visit the Moose Land Rick.


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