ID of this cv??


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Can help me identify this cv??



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I agree with Ricky, leaning heavily towards Curly Boy. Leaves may be too long for Mammie and not long enough for Corkscrew. :rolleyes:

Nice looking croton whatever the name is. ;)


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Moose did you turn your monitor or your head on its side to view this photo? Just asking and I might even start a poll to see what other viewers did. I turned both, but in opposite directions so I was actually looking at it upside-down.


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Oh! haha.. Okay! I think is Curly Boy too. I do not have such cv yet in my collection. This is the patch from Taiwan =) haha.. I am sorry about the rotation of the pic, i do not know how to rotate the pic. anyone does?? hehehe.. so next time, Moose will not need to turn laptop 90 degree already. hehehe...

Gd Morning guys! =) is raining cats n dogs outside and i am stuck inside my office. lol!


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Here's a link to a very easy to use image handler. It has the ability to rotate an image, resize it, adjust the contrast, colors, brightness, all sorts of dandy features. And best of all, it's freeware!


Click the link, save the file on your computer and execute it. It will install and let you customize it.