I know we've done this before but....

Crazy for Crotons

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What are your top 5 favorite crotons?

I can't remember what was listed before so here's this week's list. I'll leave unidentified things off the list since you won't know what I'm referring to anyway.

1. Sybil Griffin
2. Duncan Macaw
3. Majesticum
4. Claude Lorraine
5. Jenseni

Jeff Searle

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This is really tough, because next week, I could easily come up with 5 more.

I would say,

Monarch !

Madam Fernand Kohl


Fathers Day



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Only five, can't do it. I tried to do a top ten but couldn't do that either for fear of leaving out another great cultivar I love. :(

I walked around Moose Land to try and make the list. It hurt my head. :p