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Any idea what cultivars these may be? ::confused::eek: The last one here I got at my first Croton Society Meeting. It was not tagged and named with the buzz of the $400.00 croton going on. :eek:

Ron :rolleyes:


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The first one I've been calling "Curly Boy". There are 2 in our garden. The last one is "The Red King". Interesting variety as it was originally grown by a nursery in Homestead that thought it would be a good substitute for "Petra" with more red than yellow/orange. I have almost a dozen of these in the ground. Very slow grower.


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Thanks Ricky. I have it planted in an area that a slow growing cultivar is exactly what I needed. Sometimes things go right even when I don't know what I am doing. Any growing tips like heavy shade, light shade, growth rate, etc... are all valuable tips as to where to place specific cultivars in a garden. Any information and/or tips will be well received by me!

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