How Much Water?


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We are rapidly approaching our dry season. Nov. and the beginning of Dec. seems to be wetter than last year. I hand water my crotons. It is being noticed that the leaves are staying wet for longer periods with our cooler temperatures. I recall last May when temperatures were rising and we had very dry conditions, it was difficult keeping the plants hydrated.

How much watering should be applied once the dry season ensues? Efficiently conserving water while maintaining their vigor is the goal. Any recommendations from the long term crotonheads on this forum? :confused:


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All of my Crotons are planted and fully covered by an irrigation system that I run 3 days a week, unless it rains. Most of the six zones run for 20 minutes. The main garden runs for 40 minutes.

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In ground crotons take drought in cooler weather very well. I water those plants once every 7-10 days if temps stay in the 50's-70's lo-hi range. Container crotons, if not potbound, can go with water once a week in the aforementioned temp range.

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I only water croton if I see the leaf droop. Otherwise it is on its own. Containerized croton of course get watered more often and if in full sun they will need more often. So far I haven't had to water any croton in the past few months. I have no sprinkler system either. Once a croton is established and if it is mulched then you really shouldn't have to water them. I probably don't get the fast growth rate due to my weening them of water, but I'm not worried about that. I think it makes for a hardier plant if you don't water it so often. It forces the plant to send out more roots. But, your mileage may vary...