How long can potted crotons stay in the garage?

Crazy for Crotons

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They were watered before entering their cocoon last weekend. It's now been 8 days and have a few more days in there still ahead. I felt the soil and everything still seems moist and no wilt visible. I open the garage door when possible to let in light. Taking them out on a cold day to water them before putting them back in sounds very laborious not to mention very messy. How long do you guys have experience keeping these plants in an enclosed garage or similar structure?



Phil Stager

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Ray -
If you're concerned about light, get a couple of cheap fluorescent shop lights and hang them over the crotons. ..or go high-tech and get some LED grow lights; lots of them on eBay.


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I was wondering the same thing. Mine are in my screened room but I have heavy 6 mil white plastic up and the roof has shade cloth on it. This time of year the room is in the shade almost full day too. Exactly opposite of what I need. In summer, it's broiling in there.
I'm now waiting for the spider mites to present themselves too.

Jeff Searle

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I would definitely open the garage door as much as possible to let light and fresh air in. Also something to consider, cement floors get extreamly cold, as I found out a couple of years ago by leaving a few sample palms on the sidewalk in the shadehouse. They showed cold damage where the entire block of palms on the black groundcloth showed nothing. If possible, lay down some old blankets if you can, it might make a difference for you guys with the prolong days and nights of cold.

Crazy for Crotons

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They are coming out of the garage Thursday. Thanks for the tips. I just ran outside and threw some sheets underneath palms laying on my front porch. They were covered but laying on bare concrete.


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Re: Grow lights

Up here in Delaware, my crotons obviously are all potted and need to stay indoors for 6 months of the year. I have then in a sunroom, but the glass is tinted (blocking some of the UV) and my neighbors trees and shrubs block some of the sunlight. The crotons make it under these conditions but often lose foliage by spring.

This year, I have been trying these fluorescent lights, just to give them a little extra boost. These are some kind of natural daylight lamps, designed for people to fight "the winter blues". But I figured they were probably full spectrum so might work with plants. I have them on a timer to be on for 5 hours a day. It seems like they are really helping. The crotons under them are actually growing, despite the cool temps in the sunroom (low 50s at night to high 60s in the day). So, for those of you storing crotons indoors for a few days / weeks, a couple of these lamps might be worth it.


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Dont think I would keep them to moist being you dont want Fungus or possible root rot, If there not well draining soil that is. If the temp outside is above 45 deg (As a low) I would set them outside now. But also beware of the wind. Crotons will accumulate to cold temperatues pretty well but i have noticed the wind is not so good being cold.