High Canopy vs. Low Canopy


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Everytime I visit a garden I learn something. While doing my walkabout in Jeff Searle's fantastic garden, I was checking out his canopy. It is pretty thick in most areas but all his crotons exhibited very nice coloring. Then I had an ephinany. Jeff's canopy was high. It appears that as the sun moves east to west, the light penetrates his canopy in the few breaks he has. My theory is that with a high canopy, the penetrating light must refract or bounce around.

I could be wrong, but I think I'm not. I'm testing my theory and trimming the Moose Land trees with low hanging branches today. Also attempting to thin out some of taller branches to create more canopy breaks.
Ron, that's what I try to do in my garden also. I have nine large oaks and various other tall trees and palms in my one acre garden and it is very shady, but would be deep shade if not for all the attempts at lifting the canopy. However, being short and not excessively strong, it is difficult for me to get the work done without a lot of outside help. Frequently that's hard to get and expensive, also. I am always looking up at branches that could be cut to let in more light without affecting the tree too much. Ana
After busting my butt all weekend, a late afternoon storm blew through Labor Day. Look what it left me. Had to get on it before the sun went down. I was real tired but that monster avocado branch is resting on my Commotion, Satan and Carmen Christian. :mad:

I also had to pick-up 223 avocados. :mad:


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