Gotta Get More Vandas


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Note to self: Buy more Vandas.

We picked these up a year or so ago as very small plants and just hung them here and basically forgot about them. They have always intrigued me as plants that just hang in the air with no soil or moss and just look beautiful when in bloom - with striking colors. How can you get anymore tropical and exotic than that.
IMG_1513PT.jpg IMG_1514PT.jpg
Over time Vandas on trees can become quite large and "multi branch". Then you can take cuttings that have substantial amount of roots and attach them to another tree. They really love a course barked tree. A huge plus is that the blooms can be long lasting. Some hybrids can bloom 2, 3 or even 4 times a year. They take more sun then Phals, like similar lighting as Cattleya complex of orchids.