Florence Black? Mmmmmm


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I've had this one about a year. The closest ID I cloud come up with is Florence Black, shown on page 35 of the "book", although mine has a little more red. Any other ideas?Am I right?:confused:


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Based on leaf size and that red vein, I'd say Col Bob B. Here's some pics taken today of some 'Florence Black looking leaves' on a Col Bob B; then look at some of the other colorfull leaves and then at the air layer just removed from the same plant. Leaves are 9"+ long plus petiole.

Has anyone ever seen a Florence Black other than the pic in the book??????????????


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Here's the skinny.....

Never owned a plant myself, nor ever seeing one either. The only thing I can bring to the table is, I talked to Bob Alonzo at the Croton Tour back in December 2010 at the Glock's house. And he told me that the plant is probably, or most likely gone, it hasen't been seen in years. He told me that he remembered it being such a poor growing variety and that's why it never caught on and distributed.

Randy, I think it's a long shot....
Phil - what is it about these three Col Bob Bullocks that makes them resemble Randy's plant? I've seen Randy's Croton up close and personal and if it's a Col Bob Bullock, all three of these are something else.


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Ricky, your plants look more like Cap'n Gilbert Cutler. Get your military officials straight :cool:.

Easy there Randy. I've never seen Florence Black so can't comment. Like Jeff implied, it's probably extinct unless some unknowing person has it growing in their yard. That individual probably doesn't know it and more than likely doesn't care. In that situation, the plant might as well be lost.
WHOOOOOOOOOOPPs, one of those posts when I think that 2 +2 =4, say 3, and write down 5. Col. Gilbert Cutler it is - forget any mention of Col Bob B. Sorry for the confusion.
Col Gilbert Cutler - the large leaf one in your pics and mine, is one highly variable plant when it comes to leaf color.