First in Two


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This is a picture of my first new palm in 2 years! :):):):)


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Careful Scott. I've known a few people who started getting interested in those "guys," and before you knew it they where totally consumed. :)

That one looks particularly attractive. Did it come with a name?


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Dean, The palm is a Rhapis, looks to be a cultiar of excelsa. I am thrilled with this palm and have only had it for a few hours now.


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What I meant was these variegated Rhapis have many different names depending on the markings, and the Variegated RhapisHeads get as passionate and argumentative about names and nuances as do the CrotonHeads.

As you may know, the Japanese go nuts for these, much in the same way they do for thousand dollar plus koi.


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Only a thousand for a Koi?

We had a show here that a guy brought a newly purchased Koi (which won, BTW) for $10 died on the trip home.

You need better heeled friends...


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I bought a book a couple of years ago called The Miniature Palms of Japan, by Yoshihiro Okita and J. Leland Hollenberg. It covers the practice of kannonchiku and shurochiku. Some folks take serious stock of such cultivation. Anyway Scott, when you have enough divisions it might be worth checking the book out. I'm too cheap to pick up a variagated Rhapis but I might torture the regular ones just for the practice.