Everyone got a bath today


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In bayer 3 in1. :mad: In the course of a week, the mites have had a field day. I hauled all 30+ pots out and hosed them down then had to drag them all back into filtered sun.
Big PITA, hope I don't have to do this weekly.

Crappy cell phone pic but you get the idea


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A couple weeks ago, I mixed up 3 twenty gallon batches of drench. I also added a little soluble fertilizer into the mix. That took care of the 30 or 40 plants in the ground and maybe another hundred potted plants. The label called for 2.5 scoops of the liquid to be mixed with 20 gallons. Knowing that going heavier made the imidacloprid last longer in Cycas, I figured going heavier would work for crotons. I drenched them on a Friday and checked them on the following Monday and those nasty scale were already dead. BTW Bren, hosing the plants down first with a strong stream of water, like you did, probably knocks off half of your problem pests before you use any insecticide, plus it wets the soil so the pesticide gets absorbed more readily. Much more effective that way.

The liquid is OK to work with if you only have a few plants but is a PITA for more than that. Next time I am getting the granular stuff.