Ensuing Cold Front in Florida


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The cold front should be settled in the next couple of days. At first it was predicted that South Florida would see high 40's F. Then the weather prediction went to low 50's F. Now that has been revamped to the high 50's F. That is a vast difference. Chris (pocomo) and I were talking about preparations when 40's prediction was made. Now, its just a hardening off event.

Getting alot more rain than anticipated. Plants should be full of water and the 50's should have no effect.

Just curious. What are the low predictions for Central Fla? Or Tampa/St. Pete area? Peyton, the cold front should already being affecting you, what low temps are you experiencing up in La. ? :confused:
High 30's this morning, 32 predicted for tonight - might have to turn a heater on...
Moved all the crotons into the greenhouse and porch yesterday.
Definitely have to cover the tomato plants - picked about ten pounds yesterday :)
Aside from maybe my Phoenicophorium, nothing will come inside for 2-3 hours in the 40's Thursday morning. The forecast low for me is 49F. If it comes to fruition, it will be my first morning below 50F this winter.
Only 38 this morning, so not so bad...
Most of my crotons seem to tolerate chilly temps OK, though I have lost Zanzibar and Picasso's Paintbrush in the past from letting them stay too long in wet chilly weather. I don't worry about any of them at 40 F...
Mine all defoliate if I don't take them in under 40. A few like the AFD's and big box varieties are the exception. Hell, my Rudy Bachmann still is a mess and is just finally starting to show color again.
Scott Land is sitting at 43f this morning with a brisk north wind. This should be the coldest morning from this shot of cold. A warm 79f yesterday before the front blew thru.
Do you guys water your crotons during a cold front? It is recommended in Frank Brown's book. If the water temperature is higher than the air temp., seems that it would be beneficial. Warming the roots with the water may be a good thing too. :confused:

60 F in the Moose Land, 58 F at sunrise. :)