Easter Bunny wants a Carrot?


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Stupid Easter Bunny. :p

Thats not a carrot, its Corot . :cool:


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I will confess that the Moose will spin a good yarn from time to time. This story is the absolute truth.

Yesterday morning I was dragging the hose around wetting the leaves of my crotons at sunrise. I see a brown object running across the street southward out of the corner of my eye. Thinking, that cat had a weird gate, I checked and saw a brown bunny. Being Easter morning, I thought this to be odd or some bizarre sign. Then I thought that some child's Easter present had escaped.

Then seeing it again about 30 minutes later, I decided to pull a trick on my wife and bring it into the house telling her "Happy Easter". Getting closer to the bunny, I noticed mange on its ears, nose and around the eyes. I left it alone.

After returning from Church, several neighbors stopped me saying, "I didn't know you had a rabbit". I told all that it just showed up. People would get quick glimpses and then it would disappear. I saw it again in the late afternoon when I took these shots. Had to get some evidence so my wife would not think I had lost my mind.

He is still hanging out, munching on grass this morning. My Bishon wants to tear into it. I wish it would move on. Worried that the mange will get on my dogs.

Does my dog need to come in contact with the rabbit to get mange? Could it get transferred to my dog children from just being in the yard? :confused:


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