Dypsis sp. 'betafaka'


I'll look around. I think there was a pic of Alfred's 'betafaka' (the close up photos here) on PalmTalk a while ago. But the pic in the article here, labeled from Florida, is IMO a different 'betafaka.' It is the same as the one JD Anderson began selling as 'Betafaka' some time ago.

All I could find are these. Apparently the full size photo I tried to find was hosted somewhere and now is unavailable.

Someone mentioned that this is what a mature Alfred 'betafaka' may look like. I'm not so sure as there is so much morphing that goes on with these guys as they get bigger. These pics are from a reporteded D. madagascariensis variety.

I'll keep looking.


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Any luck Deano? The reason is JM got a shipment in summer and one was really different. The rest were like the one that has been floating around the past couple years. The one I set aside looks more like Alfred's than one I've ever seen especially this young. I thought there was one on palmtalk one time. I'll try to get a pic of mine and see what you think.
No Shon,

The one on PT, I think is the one I posted above that is now missing. You could ask Gary Levine. I believe he had some pics.

But I wouldn't get too hung up on that name. It's another on of those "pick a name" names, and could mean different things to different people. And could just be a variety of something we already have.