Dypsis psammophila

does anyone know anything about this palm, I have a small one in a two gallon pot and its gorgeous but i dont know where to put it . does it like shade or sun , filtered sun?


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If you have the real D. psammophila it can take most full sun locations. May look better with a touch of shade depending on your location. Unless you live in the tropics, it may struggle in deeper shade. Even most palms mistaken for it will tolerate the same. Of course, that really depends on your particular location. If you live in Death Valley, it may need some shade. :)

In general, it is a very forgiving easy to grow palm.
thats funny you guys mention that because i have been skeptical if it really is true psammophila it has some red and black coloring on the petioles and its starting to form a trunk with reddish color on it, but it hasnt started clustering like ive seen in pictures its in a 2 gallon i'll try to get a picture up soon and see what you think
i also bought mine from jungle music and it looks like the picture of the gentlemen's who also bought his there, but it just has one little trunk