Dypsis bejofo

Which Madagascan palms have the most vulnerable seeds? Dypsis bejofo must rank amongst them. Clues to the sensitivity of this rare species lay in its common name, Brain Seed Palm. The "cerebral sulci" or furrows and grooves of the human brain are mimicked across the surface of the bare seed, making them susceptible to fungal infection during the germination process. Added to the problem, is the fact that these seeds come from a remote region of Madagascar. It is no exaggeration to say that 5% would be a good success rate for germination. Even then, watch out for fungus and parasites occurring on the seed as the leaf bud begins to form.


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Interesting John,

I never thought about that - probably because I haven't done very much germination.

Even if the furrows have the disadvantages you mention, there must be some evolutionary advantage. But I can't come up with any. Can anyone come up with "why" a seed would evolve with such furrows?