Drought grown Parajubaea.


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I couldn't tell you which one for sure. I would guess C.cocoides? They are where the city has turned off the water. Young Wine palms a block to the north and others to the south also are all on their own. They look good.
I actually like these Mountain palms better uncleaned up with horizontal glossy fronds. (These might be getting some water-- HOA?) But,they are fronting an upscale area..I guess "wild" and "natural" isn't quite appreciated.
I took one photo- then my battery died. So,one is the other enlarged.
Interesting. Just goes to show that many times when you use your experience and knowledge to predict what you think should happen when it comes to plant survivability - it just doesn't pan out that way.

For example: sometimes plants from more tropical regions do surprisingly well in cooler areas. Same with drought tolerance. Apparently some of these plants from mostly wetter more humid regions have adapted to tolerate periods of drought.