Drinks on Saturday


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If anyone has one of those large water coolers, the kind you see on highway repair trucks, please mention it here and bring it.

If anyone would like to bring a few bottles of soda pop, please mention it here and bring them.

Thanks for both.

(I'll be drinking single malt.)

Jeff Searle

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If I know the Glocks, they'll have their secret stash of beer out in their SUV.:D

Me, maybe a little cranberry juice cocktail, it's good for the kiddney's. On the rocks......:D


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No booze until after the auction. I don't want to be responsible for folks going home broke because they drank and turned into Donald Trump when the bidding began.


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That would be going against my better judgement. You should say no alcohol for the auctioneer, but those spending money should get a little less inhibited. Nothing wrong with a little lubrication.


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Do some of us need to remind you of the last croton tour mixed with Sangria? Easy big fella.....

I will be OK. No Mango Daquiris by Ms. Andrea this time :p. I need toddy for my body. :eek: Heading to the bank right now for some cash infusion! Sangria' will loosen my wallet. :cool: I need to make up for not going to the USF Sale.