Jerry Shilling

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This a top 10 croton for me. Solid performer and good grower. 428Doris1.JPG428Doris2.JPG 428Doris3.JPG 428Doris4.JPG 428Doris5.JPG 428Doris6.JPG 428Doris7.JPG 428Doris8.JPG 428Doris9.JPG
Looking good Jerry. Glad you like it. My largest is in a pot. Of course it was always layered but not lately. I'll post a pic. Looks a lot like yours. Thanks
P1040301a.jpg P1040306a.jpg Here's a picture of mine with a couple more seedlings basically the same size. About a year ago a I had my pump loose prime while I was gone and the plants went without water for about a week. Several of my plants suffered, Doris was one of them. Lost about half its leaves and is now making a comeback. My water leaves a haze on my plants and they don't show as well as I'd like.
Yeah, I remember when you got it. That oak leaf is one of my major breeders now. I think it's a cross between sybil griffin and irene kingsley. Leaves get quite large and I love the shape when it's well grown. Here's an older picture next to arthur howe and another seedling.P1000143a.jpg

Chris' Doris recovered quite well, saw it last week. Walking by the Doris in Moose Land today, I thought Doris deserved to get her photo taken. She seems to be relishing the fall weather.