Delving into the Palm World...


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Hi there, palm lovers! I'm jumping over from the Croton forum and delving into palms. A few weeks ago I acquired some "baby palms" from a hobbyist in Port St. Lucie. He has a wonderful collection and is very knowledgeable in the world of palms. Looking forward to watching these grow in the yard:

Kentia/Howea forsteriana "thatch" palm
Chamaedorea metallica
Cocothrinax Hioramii
Chambeyronia/Macrocarpa "Blushing palm" / red leaf palm
Chambeyronia/Macrocarpa var. hookeri "yellow flamethrower palm"

If you have any growing advice, I'd welcome it.
Don't forget to check out the Palm Wiki part of this site. Just click "WIKI" on the left in the green "nav bar" at the top of the page - then on Palm Encyclopedia to get some info on specific palms.