Delray plants thru home depot


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Bought a twist and point at HD this week for $3 in an interesting pot. It's made by and is made of bamboo, straw and rice husks. Seems very sturdy and very reusable although the size is only slightly larger than a 4" pot.

It's just such an odd size though that I foresee many of them in the land fill because of lack of usability. I would assume they break down quickly?

Have you guys seen these and re-used them? Wondering how they hold up. To the eye and touch, they seem to be long lasting.


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P.S. OK, pissed off now because when I google the enviro pots, it leads me to a chinese mfg!!:mad: Not that I have any knowledge of where most of the black plastic nursery pots come from. Just trying to be a good steward to Ma Nature


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The pic...


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Jeff Searle

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Lol....well, the bamboo, straw and rice husk certainly point to the far east dosen't it. The Twist and Point is a nice little croton, unique in it's own way. Give it plenty of sun when you decide to plant it. I'll have to pay more attention when I go over to my local HD store.