Cycas revoluta Aurea

The Silent Seed

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Hi guys
Haven't been here in a while - doesn't seem like I missed much (which is usually a good thing, mind you!)

I have some sprouted seeds - no real leaves yet - To be honest, I've had them over a year, and am getting pretty bored with them. Yes, I know that this is the worst time to "give up" - but I wanted to gauge interest in these. I'm thinking of holding onto a few (to satisfy my curiosity), and let go of the rest, and let somebody else take on the job of being patient and see what turns up. I don't have a lot of them, but ... here goes. I have a lot more interesting projects starting, so if some of you want to give these a try, feel free to contact me privately, or on here.
Some are sending up a leaf - which I will be keeping. The rest are basically the start of a caudex / base, with a taproot. I'm sure you know what I mean. I am told by several people (Not just the owner of the parents) that the percentages should be good, actually.
I know that variegated cycads are very unique, and cost a fair penny, so my loss could be your gain. I am not giving them away, though.