Crotons in New York City

Phil Stager

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Just got back from a ten day trip to NYC for a big international stamp show but took some time off to play tourist. Pics may be a bit jumbled since camera was acting strange but here goes:

Two pics of crotons in colorful planters all along 34th Street from Broadway to the Javits Center.

Another is a croton on sale for only $19.00 plus tax; same price at NY Botanical Garden and in flower shop in Chinatown - sucha deal.....

A few pics of the NY Botanical Gardens in the Bronx where I went for a tropical plant fix in their huge glasshouse. Nothing special for anyone reading this but, hey, it's NYC. Some nice palms and cycads and other tropicals but nothing unusual for those of us in Florida or Costa Rica. Easy to get to on Metro North Line and station is right across from Garden.


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Thanks for the great pics, Phil. I always enjoy seeing photos of crotons in other places. Lots of beautiful plants and plant combinations that we take for granted here! Cool stamps, too. Hope the show was everything you hoped it would be.


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Enjoyed your Croton photos in New York. I wonder where they store these plants during the winter months? :)

Phil Stager

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I suspect they are treated as annuals and are discarded. Night crews were pulling petunias planted around trees in preparation for hostas and other stuff.