Crotons at old home in South Miami


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In my travels around Miami-Dade County, I stopped by this home in South Miami where I know the owner. The home was built in 1949. Here are some crotons that were found on the property. I will attempt to id what I think some are. If I misidentify a cultivar, please correct me. Phil says it is an art form and you need to develope an eye. That is what I am trying to do.

Ron. :)

This first one I believe to be an overly shaded and therefore a very dark version of Kentucky. All pictures are of the same plant.


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This next two are the same cultivar but two seperate plants. It is a Thailand cultivar that does not have an english name that I am aware of. These are very small and slow growing according to thw owner. Funky leaf shape. :rolleyes:


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I got very excited seeing this one. Very pronounced oak leaf on some of the older leaves. I went home to check the book to see if it could be Richard Krukonis, no such luck. It looks like it could be Exotica. :p The owner said he thought it was called oak leaf.


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This I think is another Johanna Coppinger sport (page 95) It is a different plant but the same cultivar I posted earlier in this thead. :)


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My guesstimates:
1. ___ Rutherford due to red hues; Kentucky has a lot more orange even in shade.
2. Some strange Thai type - most seem to thrive in full sun.
3. Looks like a Joannis but without interuptions that i can see.
4. Coppinger types usually have shoulder fnear the petiole. I've seen this and think I have one but no good name for it.
5. Exotica
6. Arrowhead
7. Dull Plaid Oak - fast grower for me and more color in more sun

It's great to see your out and about. Your starting to find some interesting crotons. Keep up the good work!

I agree with Phil on all of his choices except #5. I don't see anything that resembles Exotica, but I do agree w/ Marie on Irrestible. You can pick up the spots and orange colors. And a nice surprise to find Plaid Oak. This is not very commonly found around here.
Thanks Jeff - Thank you for your kind words. Wish we could find out which Rutherford #1 is. It is a very large croton and I think I could make several very nicely sized air layers come March! :eek:

Irresistible? Sounds good to me. Never even heard or seen it prior to today. Thought it could have been an out of color Exotica due to the leaf shape. :rolleyes:

I look around during my travels looking for crotons. I am starting to dislike Mammey. When I see it planted in mass around old homes I start freaking out. I fear that they may have ripped out some old hard to find cultivar to plant the Mammey. So many old timers are moving on in my area. The new owners seem to always gut the old landscape and reinstall a new one. Or they redo the entire house.We all no what workmen do to the landscape - they turn it into moonscape. :mad: