Croton tour/auction plans


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Any info on the next tour ? Would love any info to plan for that weekend and would it be a potluck? Thanks Kip


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The Moose is bringing a Plum Tomato and cucumber salad with organically grown tropical oregano from my garden. Extra Virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar ... :eek:


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Bottled water, your favorite specialty dish or deserts are all encouraged and welcome. :eek:

There will be someone at Mike Harris' place throughout the morning if you desire to drop off your food rather than drive around with it.

Our RSVP's are up to 38 people. A very fine day will be enjoyed by all!

Phil Stager

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Time to start loading the car for Saturday's meeting.... 3gal pots in one pic and 1 gal pots in the other


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That hot rod Lincoln can sure hold a lot of plants.

:D LOL - it reminds me of the Circus when the clowns start popping out of the Volkswagon. :p Phil pulled up and the plants just kept emerging. :eek: I bet Phil can match what I can put into my full size Ford pick-up truck. ;)