Croton ramble this weekend!!


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First Lamar, then my house then over to Jeff's.Lamar's phone 772-201-4000. Address 6001 s.w. 19 th street Plantation .My house is 5 mins from Lamar's.We were thinking about starting around noon.Please post here for more info and/or suggestions.We were thinking maybe a small trading session over at my house followed by a journey to Jeff's garden.If there is no interest in a trading session we will cancel.Please respond if anyone is interested in some trading??I have four or five nice plants looking for a new home and Lamar has at least that many also.I will post some pics if there is any interest.


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Sounds good...have a 1030 mtg at a church in Lake Worth, but I'll come down as soon as it's over. Would love to see your and Lamars place...was planning on stopping by Jeff's too.


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Here is a few of what I have to trade,they include a nice Thai hybrid that is blocked by a really nice long leaf plant in the middle,General Marshall,Bermuda Red,Fred Sanders,Chief
and a nice big leafed plant that I cannot ID :)


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