Croton Mojo in Moose Land


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Swigging coffee and puffing on cigarettes while walking through the Moose Land this morning, I spotted some crotons getting their mojo going. Tracked down my camera - here are the results:



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Thank you all for your kind comments. I drank alot of coffee and smoked too many cigarettes. But that also means more Mojo ... :eek:

A fabulous cultivar that everyone should have in their garden, Duke of Windsor


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Leaf size, e.g., Crysophyllum leaves are about 2-4" long; Tiffany leaves are close to 12" swith a 3" petiole; and Green & Gold is midway between the two. Always helps to have something for scale in a pic.
Chrysophyllum is not often seen outside of a collector's garden. It was known as Hookerianum in a previous life.

Just adding to the chrysophyllum line up, maybe these pics. are really id properly. Well number 3 not a good picture sorry about that.


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The first photo is the same photo as seen in post #22. It was taken two weeks ago. The second photo is of the same General MacArthur taken this morning. :D

The General really is getting its mojo going. Just a couple of nice rains and stuff is really perking up in the Moose Land. :)


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From Mike (Bullwinkle) its Tickled Pink


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