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I have begun the long task of documentation in this genus from sources I have compiled. If you have the interest, please review and comment or go ahead and change.




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When I get a chance (after this Online Mag gets published) I can go in and add some pics and format things to make it a good reference for this genus and respective species.

Jeff told me he had a recent conversation with you. Your experience with these palms in your area will be of great interest to everyone. This will be a good place to document them.


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I now have all 3 species here. My challenge, beyond identification, will be keeping them alive over the winter. So far, the madagascariensis is doing alright in ground.
I will be placing alfredii all over the garden, in pots, to see how they are doing. Additionally, some of them are destined for other areas.
The 'windows' palms will also be in pots in different areas of the garden, which has now been officially named 'Hana Leu'.