Capt. Kidd

Phil Stager

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First two pics are of a Capt. Kidd purchased at auction at Aug 15 meeting.
Next two pics are of a 'Capt. Kidd' purchased some years ago from vendor 57 (for some reason the tag was still on the plant). The old Capt. Kidd started out with lots of smaller dots and spots - smaller than most FDRs I've seen. However, after looking at my FDRs and old Capt. Kidd, I believe this to be normal variation due to light and other cultural conditions - some leaves or branches have big spots/dots and others have smaller ones - both on same plant.


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Crazy for Crotons

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If spot size alone is enough of a variation to justify a distinction between Wizard of Oz and Queen of Siam, then the old Captain Kidd needs a new name. I have FDR and the old CK growing almost side by side and there is a difference.



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There is a plant out there that looks like FDR with smaller spots. It has a name but I cant remember what it is.It looks like the one in the last two pictures. Notice more pink than the orange in your Capt. Kidd

Crazy for Crotons

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Here's a plant I have growing in deep shade. It doesn't look like FR due to the more rounded/ovate shaped leaves. The spotting also looks a bit different.