Bradenton NOID


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I bought this plant at auction in fall. Its now starting to show some nice color. It reminds me of an AFD plant I had in the past but who ever brought it didn't feel comfortable enough to label it. Is it stirring any memories?
Look at Buddy in the Wiki Its to dark to show pictures of mine. Wildly fast and hardy grower I like this guy a lot. It has another name a very old variety.
Not a Buddy for sure; this and a yellow/green version supposedly came from a yard in Bradenton, was found by Lee there, and never did get a name. Moderately good grower.
I have the other Bradenton NOID plant too. I will post a pic after work. That one I find even more interesting looking but it does not seem as robust or have the nice form that this one does.
Not robust is an understatement !!!!
it is on the transplant list-----it might need a new motor