Black Magic / Negra


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This Ti is sold under the name of Black Magic here in FL , but is known as Negra in other places around the world. This is a great black leaf Ti with leaves 24" x 4.5" on 6" leaf stems. I have noticed two color forms of Black Magic sold here in FL . One form shows pink color streaks on new growth that age to red on older leaves. The other form shows none of the pink in new growth or red in older leaves.
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I too have seen both forms of this "Black Magic." But the growth habits are not the same - with the all black one getting huge. I saw one of these in the ground at a nursery here that was over twenty feet and branching and trunking like a tree.

It had to be very old, but I have noticed the rate of growth between the two is noticeable.
I believe Negra is one of the largest growing cordylines with olive-green leaves that mature to near black. The ones that show the pink streaks in the foliage I know as Negra Diamond.
I have had both of these Black Magic color forms for years now and get about 1" of cane growth a year. I consider 1" of growth for a Ti as very slow.