Bermuda Red

Marie Nock

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Hawaiians call this one Bermuda Red. It may be Baron Rothchild but I'm not sure. What do you think?


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The leaf shape appears the same as Baron Rothschild. However, that coloring is amazing - that has some real hot pink going on there!!! :eek:

Crazy for Crotons

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Bermuda Red looks remarkably like Baron Rothschild. I've had a Hawaiian collected croton for many years that I've been calling Baron Rothschild. Perhaps it is this other cultivar. Does anyone know where this name originated?

Phil Stager

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Here's a few pics of fBaron Rothschild - looks pretty close to me...


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Native son

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Hi: just hangin on the side and chose to add this pic and place a name tag on my plant,does it pass the Baron/Burmuda Red test. As you can see new growth on the right side but it seems to color up as it matures. TKS


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I reside on the naysayer side. They are distinct in my opinion. Bermuda Red is a much faster grower than Baron Rothschild for one, at least that has been my experience. Also have noticed that Bermuda Red prefers a sunny aspect that looses a lot of color when shaded. Baron Rothschild maintains it colors in all but deep, deep heavy shade. :confused: