Bepah's Palm List

Hey Bepah, I hope there will be pictures of in ground palms that are exceptional for your area. No pressure of course but I do love to look at pretty palms! How did those Beccariophoenix spp. fair through your winter?

They fared pretty well with some variance, but as of right now they are all alive and in need of repotting, those still in pots. About a wee kago I inspected them and the roots were growing out of the drain holes. These were obtained about 10 months ago as 4 inch sleeve bareroot and potted into 2 gallon pots. I have the job now f repotting them into 15s, as they grew tons of roots and about doubled in size above ground. No more strap leaves are coming out.

The majority of them were semi-protected by being on the East side of the house which provided a respite from the cold and dry winds we get thruogh winter. I'll take a few photos during the repotting so the before and after are documented.

The ones in the ground are lagging a bit and survived winter but are not in as good a condition than the potted palms. They are growing though and I am hope that with warmer temps they will tak off this year.

All-in-all, I am very optimistic about this palm for our area. One more year at least of watching and I'll be convinced. Temps here overall have been low during this spring with more rain than we have had in a number of years(expecting more tomorrow) but it is much warmer now.

Keep your eye peeled.

This guy is advertising on Craigslist all over CA. he is based in OC somewhere. He started with advertising foxtails, which will fail here and in Bakersfield. He has or had an account on Palmtalk but does not participate. I have not had ant transactionsd with him and do not know of anyone who has.

I think he sells seedlings to nweophytes and never sees them again.

I have left a couple of message with him, identifying who I am and what I wanted to discuss, but no callbacks....

That's all I know. Dave might have better contact than I.
What's interesting, is that the photo of the alfredii taken in habitat is taken from GP2. That's copyrighted material. The guy has brass-un's for lifting from that book. I guess the upside is that if this guy is hawking these palms to inexperienced people, we might learn more of the plants tolerance for severe conditions. Buyer beware as they say.