Beccariophoenix sp. 'windows'


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I just got my shipment from Jeff Marcus!
Tremendous! Condition, size, attention to packing are all the best!

Here are the steps I made to repot the bare root shipment:

1) Carefully unwrap after removing from the packing material, in this case shredded newspaper. Avoid trying to put the newspaper back together and attempt to read; there will be an online version somewhere. Read later.

2) Carefully (i'm going to stop saying carefully, as each step is carefully done) unwind the masking tape wrap. Unwrap the foil over something that will catch the peat moss (2 reasons).

3) These 3 plants were 2 gallon(?) (very large for 2 gallon plants. Thanks, Jeff!) and I upsized to 5 gallon pots using Supersoil Palm and Cactus mix. Had I been doing more than 3, I would have made a mix in bulk and had it delivered or put it in the back of the truck.

4) After the plants were potted in their new soil, they were mulched with the sphagnum moss and miscellaneous lava rock pebbles that came off the packing. No mess, and reuse of some of the packing material.

5) After a week or so in their current spot, I will move them to different areas of my garden to see how they do in different conditions.

The results are pleasing to me. See the photos below. Now if they will survive my winters, I'll be extremely pleased. I hope to grow them out this summer as much as possible in mixed sun/shade and hope they survive without protection through the cold.


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As much as I would like this to be resolved, until its official, I think we'll have to deal with the current nomeclature.

Thanks for the input, but I believe Dean would like to leave the name as it is until Kew makes it official. This gives us a single resource to rely upon.

BTW, fenestralis looks logical...until I saw the mini-windows in my seedling alfredii....

Also, what is 'ined'?

I'm certain it will be resolved in time.