Anyone care to weigh in? Xmas?


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Growing in a somewhate sheltered area of my neck of the woods.....experts - your thoughts would be appreciated:

Thanks everyone,



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Jeff Searle

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Hi Rich,

I'm not sure what you have there. It looks like it has Bravo in it. Either way, it's pretty nice looking. Thanks for sharing and I see your now slowing getting reeled in. Lol.


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Rich - I would suggest that you really try and make it to the Croton Garden Tour that Jeff will be hosting at his place Nov. 19th. It appears that a silent auction is going to happen. My croton senses believe that there will be alot of good bargains and worth the trip. I personally will be bringing some well rooted, full but relatively common cultivars. My starting bidding prices will be low as I am running out of room. You could possibly get a good jump on expanding the coloration in your garden. :)

It would be great to see you again.

Ron :D