Any advice on my sick Roebellinis?


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I have a lot of Roebellini Palms in my garden and most of them seem to be sick. The new palm leaves that are sprouting from the center of the tree are coming out brown and dead looking. See photos below:

IMG_1174 (600x800).jpg IMG_1173 (600x800).jpg IMG_1171 (600x800).jpg

Is it not too late to save these trees? What can I do?

I have already tried to spray some copper fungicide on the affected leaves (a couple of times now), but maybe I am not using enough fungicide. I have a total of 10 bunches of them (each bunch has 2-3 trees in it) and I have used one medium sized copper fungicide for all of them, is that too little?

I have also applied some palm fertilizer to them. Any idea what else I could do to save them? Or maybe they will just recover by themselves. I think the seller who I bought the house from had just recently planted them, so they are still young I suppose.

The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps they have not been planted deep enough in the soil, here is a pic of how the trunk is planted in the soil:

IMG_1177 (600x800).jpg

Any ideas?

Jeff Searle

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Seeing these were just recently transplanted, it's very possible they are in shock from digging. And maybe a combination of not getting watered enough after they were moved. I would make sure you keep them very wet for the next few weeks ( can't over water them ), and drench the crown/ bud area with a copper fungicide once more. It still has a chance of pulling out of it. Keep us posted down the road.



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Here is a picture of the same one that I had posted before, you can see that the old palm fronds are a little short, these were the first ones to come out of the recovery: