anthurium advice


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No idea which anthurium this is. It was neglected this last year. I finally found a shaded niche for it after it burned up. Should I break the pot up its in & plant or just let it root itself over time?


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That's a beauty. I wouldn't think twice and plant it just as is. It would probably benefit from some nice airy rocky or orchid bark type mix added to your soil. Anthurium/aroid roots are not like your typical plant. They can wander above the ground and don't want to be in wet heavy soil.
Bren, you could consider cutting off the top half of the root ball. Paint the cut (both pieces) with a paste made of a fungicide mixed with water . Plant the top and keep the bottom - it will produce new sprouts for you and you won't have to dig such a large hole. I'm not positive but your plant could be Anthurium schlectendalii. There are a lot of hybrids around though. Does it have red seeds?
Thanks for the tip! I cannot remember the seed color. At the old garden, it was kind of shoved back into a shaded bed & i never paid much attention. I refer to her as big bertha. Thrives on neglect.