Angiopteris evecta

A customer asked me recently about Mule' s Foot Fern, which I understand is an invasive species in Hawaii. Is that true? I'd never seen it before looking on the Internet today. It is quite a monster, the fronds apparently reaching up to 6 metres in length. Does it produce seeds, and if so, how can I go about acquiring a quantity? This is something I'd like to try and cultivate. Dean, do you have one in your back yard by chance? :cool:

As a fern, it has spores, not seeds - a whole new experience in propagation - sometimes easy, and sometimes next to impossible. And I would guess they are very slow from spore as well.

But I believe they 'pup.' And this would be the way to get some if possible. They are right on the borderline of success for SoCal. I lost the one I tried, and I've never seen one there, but wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some successes in SoCal. I'm going to a place today that if anyone had one, they would.

I don't have one in Hawaii. But I see them. Not sure about the right way to collect fertile spore. Like I said, it is radically different experience, sometimes needing sterile conditions, because molds will wipe out your whole batch in a day or two.

I'm not sure if the "Fern Factory" is still in business. They used to have a website, and may be able to help you locate if they don't have. Otherwise try around. It should be available, somewhere.

BTW, there are other species. And you are right, it is a very impressive type of plant. Something that you would truly expect to see a dinosaur munching on.