Aloha To You Big Leaf Guys


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It's 'my pleasure' to set up this forum for 'your pleasure.' Barry Stock of the Bigleaf Tropicals Yahoo mailing list will be your moderator. I am hoping that everyone will understand and appreciate the advantages this format has over the mailing list format.

If you are unfamiliar with forums, and need some help getting started, you can email me at If you manage to register and can post, but are having trouble posting photos or whatever, just post your question and it will be answered. That way, everyone has the benefit of viewing the answer.

When posting photos, you can upload four at a time (click on "manage attachments" while posting), and there is no need to resize them. The software should do that automatically.

Have Fun,


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Maybe this forum would be better served not under the plant societies? I just stumbled in here after all this time. Some good pics and info


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You are right Bren - there are some forums that would work better if merged. In fact, I got rid of the Plant Society Section altogether and moved all croton topics to a Croton Forum under Companion Plants - since the Croton Society is "no-more." And it seemed kind of useless to have a major Plant Society Section with only one non-existent plant society in it, after I would get rid of the others that are really no longer in use.

I changed back after Moose took exception to removing the Croton Society title. But there was a lot of change all at the same time, including a new name for the Forum, so there was a lot to swallow at once. Maybe he would be more receptive today??? How 'bout it Moose. Should the Croton Society rise again, we can always change it back.


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I think I post a photo of my Koi pond fed Colocasia fontanesii and see what develops......