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Soooo…. I bought a sphagnum moss… I thought to try the air layering. I went to the Croton Encyclopedia AIR LAYERING TUTORIAL and found…nothing. Can somebody explain me what is going on?
Thank you, Dean. I have to search the forum more. …but it is much easier to google. I found everything I need. Air layering was easy. I can take it on as a project for the Encyclopedia. There are a lot of articles missing in the Encyclopedia that a general public (like me) would love to read....
I have a Word file for each of my plants...and now for my every croton. I can publish a book one day:)

BTW, I decided to skip the air layering. Too much work for me. I just trim, stick the cuttings in the water and forget about them. Some die, some root. Of course, I am not talking about the precious rare crotons…but a “general public” doesn't care about them either…
WOW!...Actually, I didn’t need any pictures when I read about the air layering online… It seemed so easy…except that plastic bag over the plant :), which may not fit:)
…but the flaws in the descriptions never stopped me from being successful :). I thought I would use the plastic food wrap:)