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  1. TikiRick

    Rainy. Thursday

    What you still have a pool deck? More croton space!
  2. TikiRick

    Vero Beach Crotons Spring 2018

    Looking awesome Karl!
  3. TikiRick

    Testing iPhone photo upload

    Very odd.
  4. TikiRick

    My Covergirl

    Sorry folks, posting here is not easy. I can now understand why more don't post here. It's not user friendly.
  5. TikiRick

    My Covergirl

    Cover girl about 5 years old.
  6. TikiRick

    My Covergirl

  7. TikiRick

    Holidays colors

    Only a few crotons lost, no palms.... Why are my photos being rotated from my cell phone photo gallery to the forum??
  8. TikiRick

    Holidays colors

    No loss
  9. TikiRick

    Holidays colors

    Haven't posted in awhile...still here, recovering from Irma. River breeched our seawall and were about 6' into the garden with brachish water. Surprisingly faired well here. Low of 48F a few mornings back. Happy Holidays everyone!
  10. TikiRick

    Fall 2016 croton meeting/auction

    Yeah! I hope to be there as well. Can't wait to see your garden and everyone. Thank you Anna!!!
  11. TikiRick

    Sad Day for All Members of Our Croton Family

    So sorry to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with the Shilling Family.
  12. TikiRick

    Fall Get Together

    Halloween isn't good for me. Have a houseful of guests. Isn't the following weekend the FTG Palm sale?
  13. TikiRick

    I crack myself up!

    I will be there but early. Leaving for NC soon after.
  14. TikiRick

    I crack myself up!

    Delores found RL Farquar simply Irresistable.
  15. TikiRick

    Some of Keith's beauties

    Anna, I too have one of George's hybrid called Lyanna Rose. It's a moderate grower, but great color on a huge oak leaf.
  16. TikiRick

    Some of my best performers....

  17. TikiRick

    Some of my best performers....

  18. TikiRick

    Some of my best performers....

  19. TikiRick

    Some of my best performers....

    Spring is here!
  20. TikiRick

    I Don't Understand ...

    Mine too...every winter. The limit is 52F.