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    some new croton

    Thanks. I'll keep an eye on them for any resemblance of named variety. Aztec Warbonnet now shows up on google and points back to this thread!
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    Best Rams Horn I've Ever Seen

    Looks alien. Thanks for the photos.
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    some new croton

    Here are photos of the 4 new ones. Unfortunately I mixed the tags up and now don't know which is which.
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    some new croton

    The only one that google don't know is Aztec Warbonnet. Is this new or under a different name?
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    some new croton

    Picked up some new croton from a recent sale. Sorry haven't posted in a long time but been busy. New names that I'm googling now are: Nestor, Aztec Warbonnet, Buddy, and Wootens Beauty. Picked up at Melbourne F.I.T. plant sale from Peters croton.
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    so far so warm

    "the cold is coming" Don't curse us please! I'm hoping Old Man Winter forgets about us Florida Folks this year! So far he has....
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    Stop the insanity! Admitted croton addict!

    These photos brightened up my dull day at work. Thanks!
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    How about this one?

    July 2013 update. Still growing slow as ever. It is in deep shade though. Maybe I should transplant it in more sun. It has a distinct pink edge on the leaf. Does that give it away any?
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    Chantal forms ,not a good things when Cape Verde storms start this early :(

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    Chantal forms ,not a good things when Cape Verde storms start this early :(

    Its not a bad sign if you are a surfer like me. Bring the waves! But, of course being a home owner its a bad stay offshore!
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    The Passing of John Bender

    That is a bummer. R.I.P. At least he left a legacy!
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    Hey Lamar ???

    I like the color of Colin Kelly. Very pretty. Kinda curious though, what is the plant with the white flower spike?
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    cfpacs tour 2nd garden has a great croton collection.

    The 2nd garden on the CFPACS tour has a good croton collection. He is very near Dr.Browns Valkaria garden and friends. I check out his garden a few years ago and remember it was a good one to check out. If you are in the area...look into it...
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    Bunch Of Test Photos

    Pretty Croton, thanks for the fotos.
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    Winter Survivors

    Thanks for checking them out. I think #32 is a Thanksgiving but that would be just a guess. Name tags are a good idea but would be too much work. I gotta whole lotta croton in the yard. I think I suffer from hoarder's disease. Luckily it is just an outside OCD thing and inside isn't like...
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    Winter Survivors

    Again...Yeah for warm winters!
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    Winter Survivors

    Those three small ones are volunteer seedlings that popped up. There are several throughout my yard. Hopefully they grow up to be desirable.