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    My Tampa Fl garden

    Scott, Your garden is beautiful and you have a nice collection of tropicals. Your doing a good job with trying some nice tropicals that far north. Do you buy all your plants at local nurseries there, or do you have to travel around the state to look for hard to find stuff?
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    Cycads anyone?

    I would be interested in getting seeds. Buy or trade for something. But I'm definitely interested in getting some, so please let me know. Thanks
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    Aloha and Welcome

    hello Jose Do you have some pictures to share from Costa Rica? Your yard maybe.
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    Cycads anyone?

    I grow a few of these myself. It's one of my favotites. How long before the seeds are ready or dropping from the cones? Thank-you
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    Pseudophoenix sargentii-

    I hope you keep your eyes on the psuedos. FTG is reporting a disease thats starting to kill them. It's very new and dangerous.
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    Cycads anyone?

    I gr a few. mainly, a few encephs. and Dioons, zamias in the shade. Some can be real expensive to buy. But a great group of plants.
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    The Color of Borassus

    very, very nice!
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    The Propagation of an Anthocleista grandiflora

    so how big will this tree grow? Could it be grown in south Fl? I like the leaf shape.
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    Euterpe sp. 'espiritosantensis'

    Re: E. 'espiritosantensis' I have some small ones growing in pots. I'm excited about this palm, and will maybe plant one out latter this summer.
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    Real Purdy Anthuriums

    Dean, Food for thought. In post #8, the first Anthurium looks like A. clarinervum. In the floral trade, one cut leaf sells for about $10 per stem. This is before it reaches the florest shop.
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    Propagation of philodendron xanadu?

    This really a hard plant to devide. You might take a shovel and devide the clump into two or three different clumps. But, forget about trying to pull these apart. If so, your going to end up with a bunch of single stem plants which will look really bad in the landscape. And they never will...
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    The Colors of Cordylines (The Ti Plant)

    Just noticed this topic, some very nice ones. I notice Willie's Gold, Miss Andrea and Pink Diamond as some of the first few. Great color!
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    The Lowland Ficus dammaropsis

    No, it's certainly not in cultivation. I know someone down in Brazil and I hope someday this friend can help me some with finding or taking me to it's origin. How exciting this could be to be able to get just a picture of it!
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    Aloha and Welcome

    From Florida. Small town, just into my gardening.
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    The Lowland Ficus dammaropsis

    From what is said about the larger form, this must be one of the largest leaf plants (other than palms) in the world. Comparable to a specie of Cocoloba that is found down in Brazil and is still un-named as far as I know. That leaf can be 6' long by 4-5' wide. F. damm. can be propagated by...
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    Aloha and Welcome

    After lurking on this site for a few months, I decided to join. I enjoy alot of the stuff I read and see. I'm into all the tropical stuff.